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How To Make Your Own Headboard

Making your own headboard can save you money, and help you to achieve a more custom look!

Materials Needed:

-Large piece of plywood or compressed board
-Quilt batting and/or foam
-1x4 piece of lumber
-Staple gun and staples
-Measuring tape
-Fabric covered buttons (optional)
-Bolts and Nuts (optional)

Step 1: Measure the width of your mattress, and the height you wish your headboard to be. (In this case 59" long, 30" wide to fit a queen sized mattress.)

Step 2:
Visit your local building supply store and purchase a piece of plywood, or compressed board no less than 1/4" thick. (tip: take your plywood to the in-store cutting station. Most places will give you 2 free cuts - which is all you need for this project)
Step 3
: cut quilt batting and fabric slightly larger than plywood (if you want a thicker look, cut foam to fit plywood and glue it on. Cut quilt batting and fabric big enough to wrap around foam to the back of the plywood)

(In these photos I am re-covering a previously made headboard)

Step 4: Tightly wrap quilt-batting and fabric around to the back of the plywood on both long sides and secure in place with staples. (Make sure to staple secures both the fabric and the quilt-batting to the plywood)

Step 5: Fold corners of fabric and quilt-batting on ends into triangles. Tightly pull ends over and secure to plywood with staples.

Step 6 (optional): Turn headboard over and staple indentations on front in desired pattern. Cover staples with fabric covered buttons if so desired.

Step 7: Measure height from ground to where you want the bottom of the headboard to rest (typically just below the mattress) and add an additional 6 inches or so. Cut 2 lengths of 1x4 lumber according to measurement.

Step 8: Drill 3-4 holes in the top end of your 1x4 pieces to accommodate screws which will attach the lumber to your headboard.

Step 9 (optional): Drill 2-4 holes in bottom of 1x4 pieces to accommodate bolts which will attatch your headboard to your bed-rails.

Step 10: Attach 1x4 pieces with screws on either side of the back of your headboard (make sure they're even)

Step 11: Attach headboard to bed-rails with bolts if desired, or if bed is against a wall, simply slip the headboard in between the bed and the wall.

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